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Tools and Test Equipment Leasing and Financing

Available Leasing and Financing:
Dollar Buyout Lease
A dollar buyout lease may also be referred to as a capital lease. The advantage of a dollar buyout lease is that it guarantees the opportunity to own the equipment at the end of the lease for a minimal payment of $1.00. A Lessee (customer) that plans on keeping the equipment at the end of the lease term often selects the dollar buyout option.
Equipment Finance Agreement
Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) is a loan which is secured specifically by the equipment financed unlike an installment loan which is typically secured by a blanket lien on all of the customer's assets. An EFA will also provide early buyout options for the customer without the restrictive covenants of an installment loan.
Fair Market Value Lease
A fair market value lease may also be referred to as a true lease. This type of lease typically provides the lowest monthly payment and several flexible options at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Typically the lessee (customer) will have the option to return the equipment, renew the terms, or can purchase the equipment for the fair market value. This type of lease can be structured to meet the IRS requirements for operating lease treatment.